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Let's Get to the TEA in Therapy originated from 2 friends (Andrea Pierce, LMHC and Emily Crowley, LMSW) that worked in the mental health field together. When you hear , “Let’s get to the TEA”, you automatically think about gossip right?

Well, we used the phrase “ Share the TEA or I have TEA” as a way to express our life experiences and the current journeys we are on. Whether we needed to share hardships or exciting moments, the TEA needed to be shared. In addition to sharing things about ourselves, we naturally gained support from one another and other close friends. We were able to create safe spaces for each other and hold one another accountable. As both Emily and Andrea share a passion of working with children; the idea of starting a group therapy called "lets get to the tea" was meant as a joke, basically came into fruition in just one day!


Lets Get to the TEA, in Therapy

Teen. Empowerment. Advocacy

We have developed a 6 week curriculum revolving around empowerment, advocacy, confidence, self care, communication, healthy relationships, regulation tools and more! The curriculum not only shares various tools and techniques that can be incorporated into your child’s daily life, but we are able to teach them in a way they can relate to and have fun. 


  • Lets Get to the Tea, in Therapy

Upcoming 2024   Dates: 

We are accepting clients for September 2024-TBD

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