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We are unaffiliated with any of the resources linked below.  These are just a few of the articles and organizations that we find ourselves recommending and using in sessions.

PBS for Parents offers a number of great activities and resources for parents and caretakers of kids aged 2-8 years.  Crafts, games, coloring pages, and printables will help you connect with your young one while helping them learn to understand their emotions and express themselves.

Parents of teens have a unique set of challenges.  If you're having trouble getting through to your teenager, the Center for Parent and Teen Communication has some great resources and articles to help you find community support, communication strategies, and an advice corner for teens.

This list of ten calming strategies for teens will help them build coping skills and express themselves more clearly.  (Even parents can benefit from checking out this list!)

50 strategies for calming down for all ages includes a fun infographic that you can print and hang on the fridge or wall to help everyone in the house relieve tension, stay calm, and work out stress.

Healthline's recommendations for how to calm down offers even more variety in coping tools!

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